Presented on the occasion of the @periferico_festival, begins with the consultation of AFOr-Archive of Oral Sources of the Artisan Village by making the reading of its sources migrate through the cognitive medium of artificial intelligence. The test carried out on archival sources, read by an image generation algorithm, stages the imagination power of the machine, transposing the contents evoked by the interviews into the non-human sphere. Voice to Image translates the research on the boundary between physical and digital, using the collective memory of the artisan village of Modena as a starting point.
Through the recently widespread Artificial Intelligences for the generation of images, HPO entrusts to the machine, a neutral intermediary, the transposition into images of the spatial evocations transmitted by the voices of the inhabitants of the artisan village, collected in AFOr. From the urban views imagined by the AI, a village is reconstructed according to the pictorial genre of the capriccio, according to the free combination of elements imagined by an artificial mind. Different scales, perspectives and materials recompose a collection of urban conditions where the intrinsic ambiguity in the interpretation of an oral source is taken to the extreme. The fragments of remembered and faithfully recorded spaces are thus archived in the composition of an imagined city, in a diurnal dream in the Po Valley.

curated by
Isabella Bordoni

To Echo

Collettivo Amigdala