Akademie der Künste, Berlin

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HPO curates Marco Venturi and Ground Action installation at Berlin Akademie der Künste on the occasion of Urbainable/Stadthaltig, an international exhibition that gives a wide perspective on today’s citizen condition.
An apparently domestic environment becomes the opportunity to talk about the contemporary city through the lenses of the Italian landscape photographer Guido Guidi. The set-up questions the role of the architect as a builder, examining the possibilities of the intersection of digital and physics.
At first glance the visitor finds him herself immersed in a room without contents and it is just after having walked around the pillar that it is possible to realize that through three webcams, two zenithal and one frontal, the entire room is the canvas on which the various elements reveal their purpose. This set-up emphasizes those new contact points that the current pandemic modified. Walls and floors are designed to vanish, showing in this new limit a material on which architects must reflect.
exhibition “urbainable/stadthaltig”
Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg, 07-09-2020/02-11-2020;

Marco Venturi, Guido Guidi


Louis De Belle