ultima notte d'estate

Canton, Treviso

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“A void of 250 sqm, for 10 meters in height is reached through a labyrinthine path dug into a dense vegetation. There are 2,500 cubic meters of plant mass removed from a poplar grove on the banks of the Sile, in the province of Treviso, Northern Italy. Here, the Veneto-Sicilian collective Ground Action – founded by Matteo D'Ambros, Sergio Sanna, and Roberto Zancan – has created (and continues to maintain) a circular space by subtraction.

In this place, where woodchips are produced, the group has created what it calls a “manifesto around the maintenance of nature, which is opposed to traditional gardening and landscape.” La Radura – this is the name of the intervention – has hosted several events in recent years, particularly during maintenance and cutting, and therefore during the solstices and equinoxes.

A place “hidden but close to civilisation,” not easily accessible.
The space is in fact reached through a path – which is a bit disorienting, almost a ritual access – in an atmosphere that gives a muffled sensation of what is external.

(Ricci, Giulia. “There is a void in the woods.” Domusweb 2020.10.22)

Giacomo Bianco
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