Dumpsters, cars parked at the edges of an uncultivated flowerbed and a series of back rooms: Piazza Gobetti is a square in name only, for some only a street. Where until 1961 there was the first multiplex in Ferrara, down the street from the Duomo, today we find an abandoned place. In the years when going to the cinema did not mean simply watching movie, Supercinema Apollo represented a place of celebration and aggregation: dances, sweets, cigarettes, music, show, helped to create that dream machine now forgotten. Rather than the memory of a place, we proposethrough its installation the vibe you could have found in it. Two construction fences assembled with a polycarbonate screen and a projector support form a simple device, a segment repeated ten times along the longitudinal axis of the square. Ten different stories through audiovisual material produced by the “ilturco” cultural association. This fragmentary installation composed of several modules finds its unity in their circumference of origin, reference to the first systems of moving images realization, in particula the ‘zootropium’, a circular optical device from the early ‘800, precursor of film projector.

pictures by Alice Caporale, Mara Femia
collaboration with ilturco,
Ferrara Film Festival,
Comune di Ferrara,