rain circus

Cossila, Biella

Premio Federico Maggia 2022 - 2nd prize (special mention)

During the visit at the primary school in Cossila, the designers considered that the most significant criticality related to the educational orchards was represented by the water supply. The only connection, inside the school building, is too far from the top of the project lot, where the gardens are located. It was thus organized a design workshop in the presence of teachers and students, during which the kids showed a strong fascination towards natural elements, interspecism and symbolic spatial themes such as the island and the hut.

Therefore, the group focused on the collection of rainwater as a ritual with symbolic value. To fulfil this role, a flexible PVC water bladder was filled with rainwater and placed on top of the lot, identifying a reference point and, at the same time, a device for use by the school. Due to its ability to show in its swelling and deflation, the entrance and exit of water, it allows an understanding of the meteorological rhythms and communicates a particular meaning to the use of water. It is a pneumatic architecture that lends itself to a playful use, as the strength and elasticity of the material allow children to use it a toy.

This element rests on a larger footprint made up of natural elements, in such a way that only the tank appears as an artificial element. A gravel water drainage and storage system was designed, which, by drawing a circular footprint on the ground in the surface layer, serves as a base for the inflatable tank. The metabolism of the intervention takes place first between the water and the ground of the draining groundwork and then between the water and the air of the tank, lying on a pebbles island.

PLAM creative studio
Giacomo Attrotto

Premio Federico Maggia 2022