NTS radio Los Angeles

about obsolescence ottantanove:
"Self-mirroring a time in space that won’t go amiss, uncertainties and fear creep in whenever our in-built atavic-instinct struggles to find a way out. If there is no hide for ineluctability, questioning ourselves may be the feature to remember how to get life going. Thus Obsolescence Ottantanove, reuniting @aka_natlek , @heyimhidden , and the duo @eternal_entropy reacts as a complex human system would do against a no-future perspective, in which modules besides cable plugging embrace a cathartic ritual of re-appropriation."

Health screenings, disinfectant rinses and protective equipment were required of each person involved upon arrival. Face coverings were worn throughout the production and removed by performers only during the short period of the shooting. All current Italian (orange zone) guidelines, as well as additional health and safety measures, were adhered to.

music by obsolescence ottantanove;
for gong sounds by PRMTVO;
on NTS radio Los Angeles;
shooting by Francesco Mancin;
location partner Teatro Off