killer corner

workshop ‘Ecken’ WS 2022, TU Graz, Austria

The corner is interpreted as an element of tension within the urban environment. Students were invited to spot different manifestations of this phenomenon in the city. A selection of 5 pictures for each group describes different interpretations of this architectural element in its spatial, material, visual, urban, and emotional expressions.
Each of these pictures was then described through text, to extrapolate terms and narratives behind these images and thus train a different sensibility towards this term. The terminology collected formed a vocabulary for the AI prompt, in this case, Dall·e 2, an open AI image generator used to create realistic images out of text descriptions. The outcomes are various and contradictory, merging architecture together with the students' imagination and sensibility. The selection and interpretation of one of these digital images led to the construction of a physical model through which different ideas of corners take shape. A provisional point of arrival of a design process that moves back and forth, between physical and digital.

Daniel Prammer, David Fabian Wiemers, Dominic Racan, Elena Kropek, Elena Lackner, Eni Nizamić, Janka Enikö Dénes, Kevin Poschner, Letizia Zöhrer, Matthias Manfred Lindtner, Matthias Tammerle, Maximilian Huß-Galli, Mia Tomancok, Paul Schaller, Philipp Wurzinger, Samuel Gruber, Theo Rumplmayr, Veronika Kancheva, Veronika Schimpelsberger

Institut Raum und Gestalt, TU Graz
Prof. Alex Lehnerer, Julian Brües