default: a Hong Kong story


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Default is a research that finds inspiration in the simple reality of things, in this case, in the 2019 student protests in Hong Kong, where new forms of organization are reaching outcomes never seen before Our research method is based on studying the process behind these phenomena, bringing them back to a more understandable dimension. The exhibition displays many of the objects and episodes that have contributed to the succes of this movement, thanks to the creativity of the demonstrators. From umbrellas used as shields, to social networks a organizational tools, here are highlighted some examples of how, starting from th reorganization of simple objects, it is possible to have an impact on the reality that surrounds us. Aspects seemingly far from the world of architecture are taken as a starting point to seek new forms, because in the end, perhaps, between a mask used by a demonstrator to hide his face and some acanthus leaves used to decorate a capital, ther is not much difference.
Kristi Josifi