arrigo arrighetti

Dropcity, Milan Design Week 2023
exhibition 'Arrigo Arrighetti: a Public Architect'

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When rediscovering the “famous forgotten”, works often speak before the architect does, and eventually lead us to identify a character behind them. It is the iconicity and orderliness of Arrigo Arrighetti's works that playfully lead us to fantasise about the process and method of his work, structured and expressed through number, image, and form, trying to grasp it, dissect it, and mimic it. As designers of this exhibition, we engaged in an “illiterate” dialogue with the architect. We studied the work of Arrigo Arrighetti with a pragmatic approach, designing and remodelling compositional tropes, logics, and forms of structures, in willful ignorance of any verbal component. Therefore, the exhibition design was structured as a project tailored on the character, albeit not a taxidermied one. The compositional principle of the “matrix”, identified in the works of Arrighetti, characterises the design of the display, which in turn was modelled in proportion to the photographs of Pino Musi.

Pino Musi

Salvatore Porcaro

set-up pictures
Gaia Cambiaggi
Roberto Conte