a party in Versailles

École nationale supérieure de architecture de Versailles
école d’été 2022 - Una fete à Versailles

In July 2022 @nous.computer invited us to tutor the projection atelier at @ee.versailles “Une Fete à Versailles” at @ensa_versailles Summer School.

The summer school hosted interdisciplinary personalities to lead the participants and design the first party in the Estate of Versailles since centuries.

The projection atelier -with a team of international participants- turnes the Potager du Roi in Versailles to an animated dancefloor in a dusk-till-dawn feast. Video samples of vegetal and animal dwellers of the Versailles garden were turned to live visuals that lighted up the orchard paths during the live music session.

Guilhem Solère & Telmo Escapil-Inchauspé